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Conceptual KLT

Conceptual KLT is a Company dedicated to designing and implementing strategies to generate, transmit and apply knowledge to organizations and institutions for his development technological and/or logistic; as well as R&D in the area of the application of new technologies in the organizations linked to the logistics and to the transport.

Conceptual KLT is the company which promotes TELMAR project. This company will coordinate both technical and management issues. Conceptual KLT provides to TELMAR its experience and its knowledge in processes related to logistics management, efficient intermodal systems and the application of Information Technology and Communication. This company is an expert in the definition and development of user-oriented digital platforms, mainly in technical analysis activities. Conceptual KLT also has extensive experience in defining the characteristics of each part of complex systems, the development of the communication plan, the enhancement and exploitation of results later.

Conceptual KLT's participation in TELMAR project will focus on the analysis of the logistics supply chain for offshore developments. The company will establish the state of the art in this area, it will analyze existing ICT technologies applied to logistics: telecommunication systems, monitoring, capture data and images remote devices and simulation tools. Furthermore, Conceptual KLT will research the design of an integrated platform of applications and technologies and the design and planning of a Logistics Coordination Center.


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